Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

photo editing part II

these are some picture that I have edited.. yeaah only one hour maybe.. or half hour. haha
just got much inspiration, so edit la.. meanwhile i got headache.. ckckck..
after upload it, will go to bed soon.. so tired for this day. ^^

3 komentar on "photo editing part II"

Wellsen on 29 Juni 2009 01.47 mengatakan...

enk maren ak nitip edit fto bwt tugas :p

chibi on 29 Juni 2009 20.17 mengatakan...

ada tugas edit foto?
emang saya tukang post di titip2. wkwk

Egga Digka on 5 September 2009 06.17 mengatakan...

edit foto'a pke aph .??

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