Kamis, 22 April 2010

SNSD's transformations,from a child to adult!

The Black Pearl in SNSD,also my favourite SNSD's member,she is pretty all the time,haha

She simply looks like a princess when she was just a little kid,of course prettier now!

SNSD's member from the States,i have to admit that she is prettier now!

Tae Yeon
Leader Tae Yeon,very cute and innocent!
Everyday is sunny day!

Seo Hyun
It seems that Seo Hyun's face never change!

Like the photo of Ice Princess with a lollipop!

Hyeo Yeon
Dancing queen of SNSD,i prefer her to be a kid,she looks cuter back then!

Soo Young
Her mum looks exactly like her!

source : http://diana-hirasawa.blogspot.com/

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Anonim mengatakan...

they are so pretty..
it's all bullshit about that plastic surgery issues.. their antis is so cruel

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