Senin, 12 April 2010

I'm back

I'm back again. hahay. after offline for a long time, cause got so much activities, and lazy to update, i almost forget about you my lovely blog. wkwkwk
thanks for my cute lecturer, ms. ema mitsikuri, because of a assignment from her, that ask me and all my classmate to update the blog again. then i get an inspiration to learn some money from the internet. though i really don't understand how the way is.
and now im busy with my writing.
some idea to write some a book? kyaaa im not a famous writer, but i just have a hobby to write a story, i have finished my first story, and i post in facebook, but i have already delete it, causeee to avoid the copy style problem, maybe i am too confident that someone will steal my story and send it to any publisher, but just avoid mar. nothing to do with other way.
then my friends asked me to send that story to publisher, but im not sure at all, I think my story still got so much mistakes, and i must to review it first, if i have enough time lor, but in fact, im crazy to write new story. wkwkwk
maybe some people said that im too conceited about my write, so I will remove my friends in my facebook, if they say that they ever read this, or think this is not my writing. heyy!! i write it by myself. until my eyes become big cause everyday sit in front of my laptop, I think the story furrow until make me must repeat again repeat again, and they said that I copy someone's writing? suck la you. never appreciate my writing.
but it's not a little people that like my writing very muchh. hihi arigatouu gonzaimas all, that always support me in writing, especially my little mei, anu nirmala, that always give me some idea, some way, some advice, and give a spirit. oh yeaahh!! thanks all..
and for someone, that ask me to publish in facebook for a first time, Michelle. makasihh bangettt.. hehe now she also write a new story before a story about edward and Alice. it's also a nice story. I hope you and me also can send the story to publisher together, include Debora, my classmate who starting her writing too now. I am happy cause i can invite so much people to write together, and I wish that we can be success together. amin :)

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