Kamis, 02 Juli 2009

English Lesson assignment ~

I think computer is very useful for our daily life, because it can help make our job become easier. For example when I have any assignment from my college, I can type and do it with computer, I use the Microsoft word to type it, and print with printer. Or when my lecturer need any article to complete my assignment, I just search it with internet, but not always all computer have the internet network, sometimes there are some computer don’t set the internet, meanwhile I think the computer with internet network available is more efficiently for us. We can search any article, of information that we need, or we can download some application or song from the internet.

Anything else about computer that very useful, that computer not only help me to do my assignment, my office duty but also give me entertainment, for example I can listen music from my computer, play game, or even edit my photos. If we can use the application like Photoshop, we can edit our picture, design it, and I like that activity.

So from any examples that I have said, the computer is very useful, I use it almost everyday, to help me do my assignment, to connect internet, or get some fun thing. How useful the computer is!

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Wellsen on 3 Juli 2009 00.40 mengatakan...

bhs inggris :p
ajarin :p

chibi on 3 Juli 2009 05.33 mengatakan...

ajarin apaan.
itu juga ternyata ga jadi.
capekin hapal aja.

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