Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

I cut my hair..

I really liked my long hair is curly, all say I like Korean girl :p *hope something too much* and I really liked it although it takes time and extra energy to take care of it.
but in the end I had to cut my hair short, because of loss. T_________T
I'm pretty sad to lose my hair, and I really can not wait to go back length hair.
'Jagi'>> name that I use to call andi kur. say if it was not a matter of long hair, short, straight or curly, in essence, I changed so much, from a spoiled girl becomes a girl who is more mature both in appearance and attitude.
heey. I've semester 5, even a minute I was ready to arrange KP and my thesis, no time to be childish and become like a schoolgirl.
even so I still miss the my long curly hair. huaaaaaa ..

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