Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

How bout last night?

These days I'm really bored, first because my beloved bb eventually have to be checked and separated from me for a few days, upgraded, and others. a few days without my bb really painful, hollow and boring. there was no entertainment, no fuel, and sms. huaaaaaa: ((
facebook also becoming increasingly deserted, every update status no one comment, really sad. wakaka
but last night was a very beautiful night, although there are still loads two subjects that have not finished, but I'd be on holiday for some time until march 2, because this weekend I was really free! yeah!
last night .. haha I really can not share with anyone, even on a blog, completion of my exam on campus, I'm picked up by jagi, because he also just got home from work, without a bath he immediately picked me up in college, I ended up waiting for his bath to his house first and eating, in fact I plan on eating at home, but I think I got a
"want to eat suddenly" syndrome , and finally I decided to take him to eat "MIE HIJAU" hahaha.
I met some college friends there, and after that we went to the Ly's house, and finally went home.
I showed him the videos webcam recordings when I was stressed and talking to myself in front of the camera.
oh damn I'm really embarrassed to see he know all the contents of my heart for this, but I tried to open minded and do not want to cover anything from him, therefore, I did not mind when he asked me to show the video speech like i have entered into cable tv artist.
affection which is so abundant in all things I feel that I'm through with him, and I think I just want to always be with him.
I just hope that this time I'll be fine with him, and I did not want to feel heart broken for the second time. hopefully all goes well. forever and ever. hope so. Amen.

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