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10 Evil magnae Kyuhyun moments

You might have heard of the term ‘Evil Maknae‘ and you wonder why Super Junior’s youngest and most innocent, Cho Kyuhyun, would be named this way. Even Google knows the evil maknae, you can check yourselves by just typing ‘Evil Maknae’ and pages of Kyuhyun would come up. Beneath that cute face lies something adorably evil.

Why Kyuhyun is called the Evil Maknae (With help from Jane): Kyuhyun is called the evil maknae because between him and his members, there is no age difference. He also does very naughty and very evil things to his hyungs. He has also been seen many times with a cute smirk on his face, if you see it then you know he is planning something. You still do not believe that the cute Kyuhyun could be evil? Here’s the proof below.

Kyuhyun attempting to push Donghae. Run Donghae Run!

Kyuhyun pushing Eunhyuk away, the expression on Eunhyuk’s face screams “Evil maknae is back!” Disregard the text please.

Kyuhyun threatening Sungmin the pumpkin. “Don’t make me cut you up for Halloween.”

Kyuhyun threatening Ryeowook. Yes, a towel is very deadly.. in the hands of evil maknae.

Kyuhyun is armed a dangerous! I wonder who the victim is..?

Kyuhyun gets Sungmin again because Sungmin did something evil and Kyuhyun does not approve. As revenge, he gets sprayed.

Kyuhyun goes in for the kill. WA-POOSHT. Kangin.. game over. Evil maknae strikes again.

Standing coolly and shooting his ‘gun’ with only one hand, he has seen too many action films. Poor Siwon.

Ruining a perfectly good selca… I joke, I joke. Staring Ryeowook down hard, oh my.

Kyuhyun.. with that face, everyone knows you you’re planning something evil. Siwon, watch out!

This wasn’t made to make fun of Kyuhyun, it was made to show his adorable evil side. So, which Evil maknae moment did you like?

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