Selasa, 27 Juli 2010


I was awakened by nightmares. dream which is very disgusting. I dream of a ghost better than having to get a dream like that. I dream of Antonius came to my house carrying a girl, he said they had text, he told me that he sought a new girlfriend, and she's sitting with a nice stick on Anton. he says if I do not like, he can disconnect them right there, but once listened to the girl directly have a face like crying. somehow in the dream I was stupid, I immediately drove them both, and said nothing, still have time kindly with her and say sorry for her, watching them go and the girl sat in the front seat where I used to sit anton's car .
if it is a fact I will not let them get away with just like that, let people think I'm evil or anything, I will strike Anton down immediately and let him go with black and blue.
I know I'm no longer has the right to regulate or prohibit him with another girl, yet so far I also have a text with another guy, and somehow the feeling that time anton. but I do not know, I'm one who sometimes can not help be jealous. I finally woke up and seemed eager to immediately call him but I knew it was dawn and that boy must still be dreaming knows where.
finally I go to facebook and I saw his profile. and I am increasingly annoyed at what's in his facebook, as though my dreams it's a sign. yesterday he went to play badminton, he said he went with her male comrades, but in reality there are girls there, send a wall of saying thanks, and he also wall to wall with a girl who is not familiar to me, seemed to his friend in school, he called the girl with My lovely sister. suck! with the words sweet ass asking this and that.
aaaaarrggghhh! I'm really not willing, I hate him. HATEEEEE!!!!.
why should I feel like this feeling, I should ignore, I was a nobody. I always tell Candy to ignore, but the truth. I'm pissed! I hate him! today he will definitely get a result, even if it does not hold, after this I would call him.
no matter what, I just want my irritation is delivered!

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