Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Happy buffday babe :)

today is his birthday. ok actually I have absolutely no obligation to give something or to celebrate his birthday with him today, because anyway I do not have anything to do with it.
but I want his birthday this time become the last birthday we were together and laugh as a couple.
from far today I've ordered a cake accompanied by Ly, relating the current condition of my finances really a crisis, I absolutely can not buy something valuable or expensive items like other girls. essential intent and meaning. that's what I always say to myself.
so when this day, I left home early in the morning took the cake at the bakery shop. but I forgot! I'm riding a bike, alone, too. half dead I hold it so as not to damage the cake with one hand, while another next to a motor. especially when the rest of traffic lights, I almost scraped the truck, luckily I was a former racer. hahaha.
when I get in front of his house I immediately hit the horn several times, actually have little doubt, too, I'm afraid that if his mother who opened the door. some long-awaited but no one who opened me the door, I finally called him and found him still sleeping. ckck.
with a semi-conscious face and tousled hair, he opened the door, but instead I want to cry. the cake is damaged. T_T
As I entered the hallway of his house, the street was not bad and I finally managed to control the grip, the cake is damaged, right in writing "happy birthday Antonius Halim"
huuaaaaa. so sad.
so after enter the home I immediately opened the cake, but I was always clumsy, I punctured my finger to the cakes, and its deterioration. huaaaaaa.
but all the equipment running smoothly, make a wish, blow the candles, cut the cake and the most important photographs.

im happy, if only as a friend now, it's okay, I have always wished his happiness :)

hope I will get a treated of a nice big meal tonight. hahaha

although tomorrow I'm getting a final exam, but I still spend any time with relaxing and enjoying life!

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