Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Which Hairstyle Looks The Best On SNSD's Leader TaeYeon

Kid Leader Taeyeon is jjang~

"The girl i want to recieve chocolate from on Valentine's" #1
"If/manyaghe" hits #1 on CyWorld
Most likely Group member to suceed solo (girl, Jaejoong won for boys)
"Can You Hear Me" hits #1
Taeyeon wins YEPP populairity award at GDA
Taeyeon is #1 most wanted woman to marry in their 20's(2009)
She also got #1 for the most wanted girl to date (2009)

No Bangs:

Diagonal Bangs:

Straight Bangs:

^ I remember someone saying they liked taeyeon when she had a ponytail and straight bangs so i decided to add it^^

I personally like both the diagonal and straight one^^ But TaeYeon looks great with any hairstyle<3 class="fullpost">

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